Data Collection for Manufacturing
Gather data from shop floor to top floor, visualize and analyze trends in your workplace.

Asset Tracking Solutions
Gain real-time insight into inventory levels, production bottlenecks, and more.

Time & Attendance Tracking
Track time, absences, and vacation, create schedules and more.

Remote patient monitoring system
Cut costs of healthcare, complete vital signs monitoring devices for patients

Container Tracking
Secure global tracking hardware for containers in transit

Defect Tracking
Inline hardware for your production line

Lubrication Tracking
Liquid monitoring for any mechanical device

Power outage & Disaster notification
Battery backup SIM devices for your production equipment

Voice Services
Auto Telephone call in in even of failure

Encryption option for sensitive data
256 bit Encrypted messaging


Asset tracking technology is your key resource for answering these questions and more. Asset tracking provides an organized, efficient way to view the location and status of any asset in your company.


The delivery process is a crucial touchpoint between you and your customers. Using outmoded proof of delivery systems adds inefficiency and uncertainty to the delivery process. Recording losses, damage, and other sources of shrinkage can introduce delays and uncertainty to your tight delivery schedules.

Proof of delivery solutions from iCharge allows drivers (or other employees in the field) to automatically capture data about deliveries. Scanning, photos, electronically captured signatures, and GPS tracking are all available to ensure accurate delivery reporting. RFID tags can also allow drivers to record delivery information without leaving their vehicle


Growing the bottom line in the warehousing and distribution industries is all about trimming inefficiencies and waste. Effectively managing warehousing and distribution operations requires dependable information. Unfortunately, many companies are stuck using time-consuming manual processes that create data inaccuracies.

We are dedicated to delivering the clarity you need to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase throughput. We leverage the speed and accuracy of barcode and RFID technology to solve warehousing and distribution problems. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is built to give you the information that counts—inventory, shipping, and delivery data you can trust.


We are passionate about bringing you the insight and clarity to make strategic business decisions. We are excited to support you with our expertise in the mobile computing field as you move to streamline your business practices. We provide the following services:

  • DMS Recommendation: We will help you select the best DMS option to accomplish your business goals.
  • Wireless infrastructure management: We will assist you in developing a wireless network that delivers the performance, reliability, and security you need to deploy mobile devices with confidence.
  • Activation services: Whether you use Vodafone O2 T-Mobile or THREE, or another carrier, we can simplify the process of improving your capabilities. We help ensure your mobile devices meet your business needs by adding LAN/WAN capabilities to your existing wireless contract.
  • Custom app development: We will help you make the most of your mobile devices by creating apps tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Learn more here.